About C3 Productions

Our strength is in the capabilities of the people we hire and work with!

We’ve assembled a team with diverse backgrounds and extraordinary talent who are dedicated to producing the best work possible for our clients, on time, on budget, and on brief.

With backgrounds in television production, marketing, branding, events, website development, we offer a full array of turnkey production and creative services under one roof. We know when we are meeting with our clients that we are not the only experts in the room. We listen and seek to understand our clients’ needs, then offer the clients the best solutions to their current problems that we can.

Our 3-Step Process

The first phase of our process is in many ways the most important because it is here that we undertake the steps necessary to learn everything there is to know about our client, their business, customers, culture and brand. It is also where we identify their needs, learn about their hopes and set a plan to fulfill their desires.
With the goals in place, we examine and assess content and begin to map out our structure and architecture. By brainstorming, experimenting and putting our ideas on paper, once we have selected the concepts we feel most strongly about, we then present them to our client, seeking feedback. Based on our client’s likes and dislikes, we will make revisions and tweaks as necessary. We continue to refine the selected concept until we arrive a single execution that all agree should become a reality.
With the initial creative agreed upon and/or the mission parameters set, now we set out to bring together all the pieces to construct the final work. This means developing final visual direction, authoring copy and refining other necessary messaging components to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Our Service

Television & video production is the heart and soul of C3!

This is the center from which the company began. With over 20 years of broadcast television production experience, we offer a full array of turnkey production and creative services under one roof including:  creative, production, post-production editing, graphics and animation, digital delivery, and strategic production planning.

Promotional Video Production

The first impression is the most important. Creating a video to promote your services, products, and accomplishments allows you the opportunity to engage potential clients and give them a sense of who you are.


Specialized production on a wide range of handpicked, self-production projects, depending upon client’s needs, and distribution to television stations in Canada, US, China and other countries across the globe.


C3 can provide a great alternative solution for oversea or out of town television stations. Our content development team and designers work closely with producers and directors from around the globe to produce quality programming content.

We are specializing in creating beautiful and scalable web solutions tailored to fit your requirements.

C3 has highly experienced web design specializing in creating beautiful and scalable solutions tailored to fit your requirements. From static, informational websites, to data-driven, we offer a full-range of web design services that will position your company competitively in the marketplace.

Our creative work does two things very well: it successfully communicates your message; and it makes your clients glad they found you, by positioning you as the solution to their needs. No matter what size project, our clients benefit from design work that sets them apart from the competition.

We combine our expertise in all these disciplines to build websites that meet both business and end-user goals, this involves developing the functionality and navigation of the basic website, designing and writing the creative content and graphics, and finally, formatting and loading the content to the actual site.

Our in-house expertise in advertising and marketing can offer our clientele immediate assessment and integrated solutions.

Whether it is through traditional, social, or digital channels, we provide best-fit strategies based on the most cost-effective, high-quality media for our clients.

At the heart of great marketing is great creativity. We work hard to create excellent, effective and beautiful marketing materials. Whether we are producing a 2-colour advertisement, or a full advertising, branding, tradeshow, online and video campaign, we ensure the kind of attention-grabbing materials that will inform, intrigue and motivate.


One of the founding core competencies of C3 is strategic planning. We have assembled a team with diverse backgrounds and extraordinary talent who specialize in marketing, communications, advertising, and interactive projects of varying size and complexity for many years and have come to understand the essential value of good planning. Whether we are branding a company with logo design or creating a multilingual website to multi-part marketing and advertising campaign, we know that extra effort at the planning stage will pay off in the execution every time.


We help our clients find and connect with consumers. C3 focuses on providing our clients with the solutions for their marketing and communications needs. Through traditional, social, mobile or digital channels, we provide best-fit strategies based on the most cost-effective, high-quality media for our clients.

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